Between The Rocks

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He sang for a crow

Yet married a vulture

Picking at his bones

Even once they’d turned to ash

Not the scavenger

He had predicted

Not the murder

He had seen

He tied the knot

She strung the noose

We lost the legend

And she hopped away



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They will ignore the truth if the lie brings them comfort.


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I have witnessed

Worlds of deceit

Falling apart

Their crumbling vanity

Chemically enhanced

Setting the stage

For their requiem


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When a group of people all tell exactly the same story, there is a conspiracy afoot.


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There was one. One who stood out from the rest. One who caught the inner eye and gently tied a little red thread around it. A pinky promise made in a realm beyond human understanding. Binding two souls who walked different roads, leading to different fates and yet somehow remained together. Feeling each other. Feeling that each step taken was a shortening of the thread. For the things they shared were larger than life. From a flower in a field to the forests, the oceans and the sky, from night to day, the celestial beings smiled and they smiled with them. Knowing that the other existed.


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Blues is to Jazz, what Punk is to Rock: A necessary cigarette break before getting back to the music.

Under The Spell

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A time to remember

Came to an end

As a stream of noise

Became a torrent

Constant frequencies

Moronic undertones

Outraged overlords

Taking mediocrity

And turning it insane


Be the mirror

Force them to reflect

On the mindless whores

That they’ve become


Don’t demonize

And the truth

Will change

Their game


See this world

For what it is

And save what can be saved

From the fashioning of life

Dictating thought

With forced agenda

Killing acts

To Make the numbers

And feigning passion

To kill the flame


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The incessant misuse and redefining of words has stripped them of meaning.


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The ephemeral nature of digital media makes mediums such as books a requirement to maintain uncorrupted records for the future.


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When presented with simply two choices to make, I tend to look for a third option.