Then The Shades

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She peered in to the devils eyes

And saw innocence

Her questions answered

With sincerity


That would sow a grain of change in her mind

Autumn Rain

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“Sometimes it takes over a decade for things to really sink in. I’m sorry but I was too dense and everything in life was getting to me. I really hope everything came together for you and that there is great joy in your life. I shall always be me with my sense of duty and honour but to this day I wish I took your hand when you took mine.”


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The one trick pony will always adhere to regulations. It is in their nature. It is their way of life.

First The Form

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They fell from the sky

Before my time

After years of war

Fighting for our future

I am glad that they cannot see

What has come to pass

The bleating herd

Its narcissistic nature

And the disregard for the freedom

For which they fought and perished

I shall endeavour

Until my dying breath

To make this world a better place

In their honour


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If you truly want to understand love remove all notions of sex and sexuality.


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We sat at the piano

Side by side, you and I

The metronome ticking

To keep me in time

The left hand path

At the tips of my fingers

A focus on rhythm

A root for the singer

Who sat there in silence

While learning to lead

As you lay down the melody

Thus planting the seed

Death Of An Inventor

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There was a suicide in the family. Somewhere in my bloodline a man left behind his wife and five children during a time of deep depression. The youngest of the five children did not believe it to be suicide and until her dying day considered it to be an accident. She told me this in my younger years after I had explained to her that I was the only one left who was interested in her story.

She told me about her father and how he had invented a cinema screen that was perforated in such a manner that sound could travel through it without effecting the image being projected upon it. After investing in research and developing the screen he had put a patent on his invention. However a company took his invention, changed the shape of the holes slightly, put a patent of their own on it and put it on the market before he got his invention out in to the big wide world. This led him in to bankruptcy and shortly after he was found dead in the living room of the family home. Poisoned by an unlit gas fire.


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Upon what do you stand?

The Earth?

Your feet?