Keep Scrolling

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Reef Knot

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Blink and you’ll miss it.

It, will always lead the blind.


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Do watering eyes grow the soul?

To The Letter

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Knowing the source

To this fountain of sorrow

Reveals the depths of your being

Each tear a path

From your soul to your cheek

Running to a quiver

Of lips yet to speak

To a trembling chin

Trying to utter the sins

That present you thus

Before me


Tell me

What’s on your mind

What is the nature

Of the crime

That stirs your very core

Is this heartbreak a loss

Of love

Or the cost

Of actions

You use to deceive me

What Started Out As Tyranny

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It’s who I am

It’s what I am

It’s what I have

It’s what belongs to me

It’s what I feel

Not what is real

Unless of course

You see me pleased

See, I don’t care

And I don’t share

And you’re the burden

Inside my lair

So do what I say

And stay out of my way

As I let my chaos reign


It all makes sense to me


I want you

To do what I want

I want you

To beg

To grovel

And shake


I want you

Naked and screaming

I want you

In anguish

And ready to hate

For it is my cause




The Point

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“What is the point of your art?”

“To reach out and touch people from beyond the grave.”

Hear Me Out

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Lend me an ear so that I may tell you a tale of redemption…