The Coin

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Going to an audition for a short film this evening so I thought I’d write up my own piece for the part of a banker/serial killer.

“People spend their lives chasing a coin. They see it as the be all and end all to existence but the reality is that this coin is a means to power.
People can be bought and sold and I have yet to come across anyone who doesn’t have a price tag. Their beliefs, ethics and morals can all be modified or eliminated. Just pick the right number and they belong to you.
Now you see, once you understand this, you understand the power you can have over life itself. You can control what is most precious and as they chase the coin you will have the ultimate power over them.
That ultimate power of course is having the ability to take a life and simply walk away.”



Becoming The Enemy

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I set myself a challenge around 9 years back and that was to create an audio piece from scratch and have it complete within a fortnight. This I did with a laptop, headphones, my faithful old Shure SM58 and some software a friend had sent me.

At the time I had just gotten married and was living in the poorest area of Kowloon. We were in a one room flat with a neighbor who was often screaming: “He’s going to kill me!” Day and night while her extremely tattooed boyfriend tried to break her gate with a big chunk of iron. I had a wee word with them which calmed things down for about two days but she started up again even though she was alone and the cops had been round. Happy times as they say in the land of the cynic.

Now I had had a music deal go south and was thousands of miles away from home with enough psychological baggage to fill a freight but I am not one for giving up. I had the Internet and enough equipment to create and publish so I decided to go solo and make things happen. I was getting a lot of support from the US and Japan who digged my deep, dark and twisted approach to sound so I ventured on while setting myself challenges to make sure I didn’t put things off to another day.

The cover art had to be changed after an artist agreed to let me use a piece of his and then later retracted. From that point on I decided to do everything myself and depend on no one even if that meant becoming the enemy.

The Silhoutte

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Ani Test 5First learn the form. Those outlines of a being filled in black when set against the azure of sky. Over time these cut outs will tell you all before colour fills in the details.


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A different kind of music for a new kind of magic.
An air of mystery wrapped in such familiarity.
A feeling woven in to the unknown.
A story written by lucid dreams becoming real over time.
It is these mental projections that keep you ahead of the curve.


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I was around 11 years old when my grandmother took me to see my grandfather for the first time. He was in Edinburgh castle and I had been nagging her to take me for some time before she accepted. At the entrance we were stopped by soldiers who informed us that their was a fee for admittance but the old bird wasn’t having any of it. “Young man, I lost a husband and I am taking my grandson to see him, now let us through or go and find someone with the authority to do so.” The young soldier jogged off, came back and the fee was wavered.
We entered a room that had a long line of books against one of the walls. I followed her to one of them where she started going through the pages. She stopped at one page and I could see tears swelling up in her eyes. I got up on my tip toes to see what was written and to my surprise it was a long list of names. Pages and pages of names filling up book after book but it was the one name that made her pause. The name of my grandfather. I took her hand and said: “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to make you cry, let’s go home.”

Invocation – WIP

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Invocation WIP 1

Some more animation in the works.

Eye Con

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The Eye Test 4 Sized Down

In this era of trickery seeing is deceiving.