Winter Bloom

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A hint of hostility

Sad, disappointed


The one whom I would embrace

With what little warmth I have left


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Get the small things right as what is important has been stolen. It is thus that we repair an empty shell.


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I had to wake up to put out a fire. Take it as a symbol for the destructive nature of belief.


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Redefine but respect the process!

Dueling Flames

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The root spreads with symbolism
Digging deep in to Mother Earth
Feeding the sprout
That reaches for the heavens
Taking from the cold and dark
To shine a light on our humanity

The Blue Blood Harvest

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New clouds are forming

Around a generation of bored animals

Born in to self indulgence

Around the twisted turn of the century

When the noble kind were dead or dying

Killed by what they fought against

Killed by the parents of those bored animals


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Always be wary of a nation that marches under eagles.


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A world alone is a world at peace

Four Moons

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GSN 4M Test 01

A Rapid Eye

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Tired of the flock

And the shepherd’s deceit

Tired of the burning flesh

Extinguished with fresh blood

Tired of the drugs

Killing the cure

Killing the spirit

Killing the heart

For a promise of gold

Tired, oh so tired

Yet sleep evades me