The Guardian

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Love me
Hate me
See if I care
There is no burden
That can’t be shared
I’ll carry you
If you fall
But I won’t let you fall

Be just
Hold trust
And play fair
There is nothing in life
Too hard to bare
I’ll pick you up
When you are down
But I won’t let you fall



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No hand held
Just a fist
A threat
Then a sorry

There was no one there for me
But I’ll be there for for you

I’ve been there
Done that
I know the score
Carry the scars
And what’s more
I survived

I burn bright
Hit hard
But that doesn’t mean
I don’t care

A Man And His Shadow

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I am the wolf
Elusive and wild
Watching you
Watch me
As I approach
From the cold
Fire on my breath
Hell in my heart
Pumping blood
Like a raging river

I know no forgiveness

Nature made me
What I am
Now I return
The favour
With sharpened wits
Tempered thoughts
I devour
The forgiver


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I had a really shitty start to the year. My heart wasn’t in to celebrating on new years eve and I just put it down to it being the anniversary of the death of an old brother in arms but I got a video call from my mother to say happy new year and I knew there was something up. Just a feeling. Well it turned out that my father had been rushed to hospital and it was looking like he wasn’t going to make it. He did, he’s a tough old bugger and that’s him sitting at home now with his oxygen bottles and mask. Anyway, always keep in touch with those you care about because you never know what fate has in store. I’ve learned that the hard way a few times and do my best not to repeat the same mistake. Just noting this down for the record. Again.


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Nothing happened
Nothing will
This balance
Must be struck
A status quo
This I know
Is not a game
Of luck

A mind full
Of fantasies
If only
They were true
I’d build a world
Where I could feel
Then let that light
Shine through

By The Horns

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Certain acts make redemption impossible and I have experienced many of those acts. The guilty walk away unpunished, the victims are labelled suspect and life continues with a bag of delusions in order to not have to face reality.
As a child I was introduced to the mysteries of the world and the great unspoken truths. I saw the world of Man in all of its ugliness and impurity. I witnessed the great divide between justice and law. Between action and word. The lies of so called Godly people who continuously deceive, steal, torture, rape and murder. For you see: The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled off was making you believe that there is a God.


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We play a dangerous game
Not for the gains
But because death is a certainty
Whether we play or refrain…