00 – Ingest


Born innocent
A cowl for good luck
You’ll need it they whispered
To live through each day
This symbol removed
So the face can shine through
A boy, they whispered
A good one we pray

The first blow is struck
A second soon follows
Breathe in the life
Is all that they say
A tear is soon shed
The chord swiftly cut
The blood sponged from skin
In a delicate way

Then wrapped in the fabric
Of industrious men
They give you to Mother
And then fade away
She holds you quite firmly
And yet feels so weak
Her breathe on your brow
As her arms start to sway

A flex from the fingers
Outstretched to a fist
A reach for the bosom
Soon goes astray
The hunger is growing
As you hear them say:
A gift from the Gods
Or is the Devil at play?


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