04 – The Finest Filth

EMP Test 1

There was no escape
Too young
Too weak
Trapped by circumstance
From birth
We seek
A way out
A way forward
A reason to be
More than they make us
More than they see

These fractures now mended
These bones won’t comply
To the rules of another
Who won’t even try
A change of perspective
Or a thought
For the hurt
That veils you in darkness
As you rise from the dirt

All the words from love lost
Become swords over time
As you bare out your chest
To cut out their crimes
And the mind becomes static
Charged with a sense
A purpose and reason
That demands they repent

An emotional severance
A crack in the mould
Makes you lay down your heart
For the brave and the bold
Who crush every doubt
With majestic wings
The world now your oyster
And the envy of kings

 Crow Cell 440 PNG

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