14 – A Golden Moment

Mystery 14 Golden Moment 2

A shared cigarette
The pillow talks
The points of pleasure
Numb yet sated
A long awaited moment
Has passed
Now words are shared
Thoughts are felt
Skin against skin
Two souls melt
To forge a new dream

The point of conception
Has been breached
A whole new world
Now within reach
From unity to trinity
A long kiss goodnight
The taste of infinity
With both eyes closed tight
The vision appears
The warm flesh
The cool circuitry
Intertwining embrace
To forge a new destiny

A moment for magic
Where silence reigns
As all feels so perfect
And so beautifully strange
The senses beyond
The points of perception
Engulfed in a knowledge
Held deep in reflection
The dream takes shape
In the womb of a goddess
To bring to the world
Its ultimate prowess
The break in the cycle
The change in the man
Connecting the flesh
With the soul of the land

 A Golden Moment Pheonix 8