Chain Of Thought



The first step to freedom is mental liberation. It is important to question everything and to know when to draw a conclusion. When observing take everything at face value initially, any flaws or contradictions usually show themselves. Keeping a distance will help objectivity and objectivity is key to drawing a constructive conclusion.  There is only one rule to abide by and that is to always keep an open mind. Possibilities can often be infinite but it is important to advance in what ever area you may be focusing on, so keep in mind that one has to stop thinking and start doing at points.

The points at which the individual should cease the cognitive process and begin physical action are very much variable. They depend on the situation and the individual concerned. The best way to succeed is by observation and trial and error. Know yourself and sponge all the information that surrounds you. What makes an individual is the combination of their character and the environment in which this character evolves. One does not overrule the other.

Any doctrines encountered will contain useful information but always be wary of their nature. Doctrines will pull you in to a system and set down rules by which you must abide. Following these doctrines will eliminate objectivity and you will cease to have an open mind. Always thrive for freedom in all of its forms and don’t be afraid to have an opinion or to let others voice theirs. Judge people by their actions, not their beliefs or opinions to that matter. It is what we physically do that defines us but the first thing that should always be done is: Think.


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