Beneath The Smoke Screen

The phrase: Money makes the world go around, is a lie and always has been. It’s an over simplification of how economy functions. Money has been used as a way of exchanging goods for centuries and has maintained select groups of society within a power circle that appears to many to be what rules us all. Yet it is production that makes the world go round. From farmers to factory workers and all people who create something that keeps the human kind alive or simply entertained. Without food we die, without water we die, without a certain environment we die. Money does not create these needs, life does and these needs create money. Within tribal societies there are two main concerns: Food and shelter. They are the basic needs of every living creature and fundamental to survival. Therefore they should be top priority on any social standing. This of course is not the case. Modern society is full of hungry, homeless people, people who usually get a helping hand from those who don’t really have that much themselves. The majority of people don’t really want to know about any of it. They will say that there is no doubt a good reason for them to be on the streets. That they pay their taxes and the state should be dealing with the problem or that they give a dollar a week to get a new laptop for some starving kid in Africa. Everybody has an excuse for letting another person live in poverty.

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