Fighting the status quo

Life is full of transitions and right now I am in the middle of one. After years of creating various forms of artwork and using the internet as a platform to distribute it I’m feeling a bit worn out. For the past couple of years I have been working on a multi media project entitled Mirrors and Black Magic. Having written about 50 songs, written a handfull of short stories and alot of poetry and created a small collection of visual art I turned to video. During the month of May with the help of a couple of friends we created a ten minute short film that relates to the whole artistic piece I have been putting together. I still want to work on it before uploading but it is as good as finished as it stands. The problem just now is that with every step forward I take something turns up to knock me several steps back. In between machines breaking down and web services changing their policies I have had to delay everything.  The problem of course is: fans can’t buy what isn’t there. So another month or two of delays really hurts my beer supply.

On a different note too many people are taking our opportunities for granted and wasting the wonder that is the Internet. I first started going online around the end of 2005. It was an interesting experience to connect with people the world over and share all kinds of information. Now it feels more like reading a phone book. Between hard sellers, scammers and attention seekers it is becoming more and more difficult to find interesting information. As an independent artist I am hit hard by this. The people who have interest in my work are real people with real interests but after an hour of in your face nonsense they have a tendency to switch off their computers and not go back to it very often from there on. So I am left with a dilemma. Having done all I can to bring a project to the fore. I am seeing the people interested fading away from the cyber world and I am really wondering if it is worth going on once this project is complete.


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