I’ve been doing a little bit of everything over the past week. I created a few hundred stills for credit animation on The Ryzar Vernacular and wrote a brief sound bite for it. Been working on some graphic art as well and rewriting tracks for the album Mir Orgeneris. As I had to delay the release of everything I did a usual me and went over it all, threw bits out, modified others and started from scratch on other sections.  Now I’m going to let it all sit for a while and work on a couple of new guitar riffs.

I won’t delay all of this too much as I have been discussing the creation of a NIN ep with a graphic artist in the States. He’s working on the artwork and I’ll do the tracks. Just a little something to let off steam after the long hard slog of my personnel project. We’re spit balling ideas for just now but it should be 5 tracks with artwork corresponding to each one. All being under a Creative Commons licence that will follow in the spirit of .communism.


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