GSN Feed

Right, it is all working:

It’s in a bit of a jumble just now but that should rectify itself with each new post. With this feed you will receive anything I post online as I post it. As I use various websites for different things I thought bringing the content together like this was the best way to keep you all up to date. I did a test run to make sure it works and felt all warm and fuzzy inside when it did. You can subscribe to this feed with pretty much anything from my yahoo to Google or receive the updates straight to your mailbox.

The GeoSolus Twitter account has been removed from this feed as I felt it was clogging up the stream. All other sites such as Blogs, music uploads and video are present.

Let me know if you have any trouble with it or if you think I could improve it’s functionality.

Oh and I added an animated box link to the feed at the bottom of the home page.


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