A Trinity Of Horrors

Tradition is an unchanging way of thinking and behaving. To modify tradition in any way is to remove from its definition.

Organised religions base themselves on tradition. The unflinching word of God is the path they believe they should follow. It is what maintains them as a unit and gives them a sense of identity. Through dress code, symbols and very often text. They present themselves to the world as the only way towards truth. For such a system to exist within a social context without causing conflict there can only be one of them. If a second group forms with the same thought process based on different traditions then one truth will inevitable butt against another truth. There are of course plenty of examples of this throughout history and the present day.  In fact it is near impossible to find a war or any kind of conflict that is not caused by or involves religion. For the one and only truth to be found within organised religion is that it is a power system.

From the Catholic priest to the Buddhist monk we find a dress code, a hierarchy, a set of rules and one or several symbols of worship. These are the obvious signs of an organised power system but there are questions to be asked within everyday life. Why do I have to swear on a bible in a US court of law? Why do I have to go to war for a person who claims to only be accountable to their god? Why in nations such as the UK are woman permitted to entirely cover their faces when wearing clothing such as a balaclava is against the law? It is all about power. Trying through any means to impose a certain way of thinking on others. 

Christianity, after years of persecution by the Roman Empire gathered enough people to make the Roman Emperor Constantine see it as a tool to maintain power throughout the Roman Empire. Over the centuries the Christian faith expanded by telling people to join them or die.

Islam led by the warlord Mohamed expanded by telling people to join them or die and there is a third name that gets bandied about a lot these days that expanded in much the same manner. A movement founded on a book, represented by a symbol and a dress code and led by an idolised man called Adolf Hitler.

Having read the Bible, the Quran and Mein Kampf I can assure you that the aims of the authors all come down to the same conclusion: We rule, you follow or perish! Each one has its own way of coming to that conclusion but that is the conclusion none the less.  All three were built on bloodshed and political manipulations. They perpetrated heinous crimes against humanity to enforce their rules and felt righteous in doing so.

Now before you start thinking that Adolf Hitler was an Atheist I’ll clear up some points. Hitler was brought up by a clergy man, had a Jewish grandparent and a strong penchant for Norse religion. The Swastika is a Buddhist symbol, the description of the Aryan race is a template from Medieval Christian ideals. He had a round building created where he and his high ranking officers could sit in worship of the ancient deities he wished to resurrect. He came to power in Germany with the help of the church which went on to help some of his men escape justice when his plan failed. Hitler was building his own religion and sitting himself on the throne.

Hitler is not the only one to have used the cult of personality to maintain power and the lines between religion and politics can and do become blurred very quickly because both aim to control the masses. What is important is to understand the methods of a system and not allow beliefs to become the ruling factor.

To conclude I’d say that if you are going to define something don’t read the label on the box. Open the box and see what is inside. If you decide to follow a tradition, whatever it may be, learn everything about it first then decide if that is the way you wish to lead your life. If you do follow a tradition remember that you cannot change it. If it doesn’t suit you anymore let it slip away with time instead of trying to rig it to suit the flavour of the month. If organised religions had stuck to their books they would no longer be part of the present and the world would be a better place for it. By perpetrating myths and ignoring their foundations we leave the door wide open for power hungry maniacs to push for world domination.

One Response to “A Trinity Of Horrors”

  1. kerrie Says:

    excellent read, glad you mentioned buddhism as a religion.

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