Graphic Art

At the beginning of this year I decided to focus on visual art. Dusting off my pencils I sketched out some ideas and rethought the size of the still image section of Mirrors and Black Magic. Originally I was set on creating 13 images that would make a two page comic strip as an introduction to a short story. These images would also be incorporated in to the cover art for the Mir Orgeneris CD. I wanted each artistic method to reflect the other but as the audio side of the project expanded I realized that my image work needed some serious elaboration.

The audio is about two and a half hours long and divided in to songs, narratives and instrumentals for a total of 39 tracks. Each track was written to set a certain mood to a theme. Each theme is symbolized by an image. Each image symbolizes the theme of a chapter of a story. Thus each form of media reflects the other. The reason for creating in this manner is that I find that each artistic medium has its own unique potency. Sound sets a mood, image captures a moment and writing puts the reader’s imagination in motion. So, come January I realized that I needed to capture more moments from the world I was creating and expand my symbolism.

To do this I have been sketching out ideas then recreating them through the medium of graphic art. I’ve decided to print out elements of stories on to t shirts in the style of a graphic novel. Making real people a page in a work of fiction. The rough story boards have been drawn up and the final plates should be ready sometime in February.

I’m also working on character portraits and symbols influenced by cyberpunk and tribal art. I shall be printing out some of these pieces and hunting down some local galleries to get them displayed.


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