Rendezvous Avec La Police

It would of been the early 90’s, around 3 am when a friend and myself decided to take a stroll in to town. We had been painting miniatures most of the night and thought a breath of night air would freshen us up a bit. So we headed out in to the deep south of France, chatting and having a sly cigarette along the way. As we strolled down the main road that circled the town a Police car stopped at a crossroad and two officers got out. They signalled us to approach them, which we did without question. They asked us what we were doing and to empty our pockets and show some ID. My only ID was my British passport and I didn’t carry it on me. A few seconds later I was arms spread across the side of the Police car with a standard issue revolver against the side of my head. The officer asked me if I was scared and I replied that I wasn’t scared of guns. Sliding off the security he asked me if I was scared now as his colleague asked him to put his weapon away. My knowledge of French wasn’t good enough at the time to understand all that was said but eventually maniac cop put his gun away and my friend and I ended up in the back of the Police car.

At the station they seated us separately. A couple of officers stood in front of me to block my line of view. I couldn’t see my friend but I could hear him getting roughed up. Eventually we were released without charge and nothing more was said about the incident. A few years later the officer who had held his gun to my head committed suicide with a single shot to the head.

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