La Releve

Broken teeth, bewildered mind

A thousand thoughts spent fighting crime

They took my soul when I was young

She took my heart when I got older

I see the world by the streets I walk

I see a world getting colder

A quiet cigarette, a nice cold beer

My moments of solitude feel much better than fear

The extremes needed to distance my hate

Of you, your self obsession and all it perpetrates

The shallow

The ignorant

The spineless

The vain

The tools of obsession

Of a world gone insane

I’ve seen ways to the void in more ways than one

Battled with anger in a bid to overcome

A witness to disgrace

The tooth and claw that still saves face

While all I ever wanted was time with good friends

A time that burned bright until its violent end

We could eat, drink and be happy in the light of our Sun

But instead we have a temper

And a loaded gun


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