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The Hollywood producer sat at his desk sniffing plotlines. He wanted something safely scandalous. Something that would generate bankable gossip.

After an hour of browsing ideas he could safely steal from unknown artists. He called his lawyers to arrange copyrights and product endorsement. Next he called a couple of writers to piece a script together before calling his accountant to see what was the best amount of money to invest against tax.

Then came the paperwork, paperwork, more paperwork and talks about who is getting what percentage of the net income. This would go on for a couple of years before the publicity campaigning began. The phones, computers and soft drinks were all on board. One of the main actors had volunteered some funds in exchange for a slice of the net as he knew he was a bankable name. The masses meanwhile were divided between saying it was going to be the best thing ever and it was going to be the worst thing ever. The producer all ready had the sequel, prequel, Jolly meals© and sex toys lined up for worldwide sale. It was neither going to be the best film ever or the worst but hell it was going to make a lot of money.

Coming to a cinema near you!


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