Metal Music

Ok picture in your mind your favourite piece of instrumental music. One that really feels special to you. One that to your mind is what music is all about. In fact tell you what, go dig out on old favourite and listen to it right now then come back to me.


Okay, you found it?


finished yet?


Righty you should now have the feeling of how special that music is. Now imagine while you are listening to that track someone pops in to the room and makes a loud fart sound every five seconds until the track is finished. Now you know how I feel about metal music. 90 percent of it is destroyed by letting some throat farting arsehole get hold of a microphone. Been like that for years, in fact a couple of decades. Some have thought they would counter this by giving some nut pinched schoolboy the microphone instead but this just changes the pitch of the fart.

When a group of people get together to make innovative and imaginative music they should drop the one trick donkey.

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