Generation Thumb and Spectacles

From a young boy to my generally pissed off thirties I watched video games develop. The console being a toy that grew up with my generation. I have watched it go from table tennis, to plumbers, to oversized shotguns obliterating heads in slomo replay. I have wasted many an hour with my pixelated friends, a six pack and still do. Every so many months I check the booze and cig supply, close the curtains, lock the door and shout through the keyhole to the missus that I may be gone some time.

Gaming is a great way to disconnect from the real world but for those not involved in your game it makes you an extremely antisocial character. This is why I disappear in to a small room alone before clicking start on World of zombie exploder 4.

The thing is when I’m not jacked in and venture out in to the real world my life gets slowed down by tribes of mobile gamers. They are very easy to spot. It’s the dumb shit that walks right in front of you pushing their specs up with their middle finger and thumbing a screen with their other hand. As far as I can tell the world around them doesn’t exist. Their eyes and ears are plugged in to a tiny screen that they never lose focus on. They must have some sort of underdeveloped six sense that gets from point A to point B without getting obliterated by traffic or bludgeoned to death by an infuriated Scotsman.

I’ve been living in Hong Kong a few years now and have come to the conclusion that they breed them here. They wander the streets oblivious to the prank their hairdresser pulled off on their heads. Wearing specs that Velma Dinkley would be proud of and say Sorry in a Cantonese accent every time they bump in to you because they weren’t watching where they were going. Yes! it bugs the shit out of me! There is a whole generation ignoring their surroundings and other people. Obsessed with pixelated fantasies and what ever toy happens to be in vogue. A generation that is supposed to be the future but for that to be the case they need to grow up and take a look around.


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