Reason eludes me. Various ideas have crossed my mind but never one that I would call a conclusion. While I think it all over, the dust gathers. The age of rebellion now resting in some dormant neuron as the battles rage on. Fighting a war that was lost on the day of its conception while pointing and blaming. Its all blasphemy and bullshit. 

  There is no escape. Just some wishful thinking. The host has little regard for our kind and we treat each other with much the same attitude. The individual is defined by numbers and hierarchy. A shallow grave for compassion and the end of humility. The string of digits attached to my name tells you just how important I am and don’t you forget it.

  Justice beats against the laws of inheritance. Have a slice of dog, we’re clean out of humble pie. Besides if you weren’t born with that silver spoon you’d have nothing to eat it with anyway. Join the gang, they always stick together. Well unless something better comes along. Dream of being paid millions for chasing a ball like a good puppy. After all the dream is about the only taste of freedom you’ll ever get.


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  1. oops! i did it again

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