Food For The Thoughtful

  I have a deep respect for life. Every aspect of it. I spent my early years surrounded by trees, rocks, seas and wild animals. While observing the interactions of nature and trying to understand my place within this ecosystem. I had to come to terms with a dark reality: in order to survive I must take the life of other organisms. Whether I kill a rabbit, catch a fish or rip a vegetable out of the ground I am taking a life. When I used to walk down to the stream to drink fresh water, each step that I took killed a multitude of micro organisms and I would kill many more with each gulp of water. Taking fruit from a tree made me a parasite feeding off of what was once destined to be a new shoot of life. Eating any form of cereal put this on a massive scale yet without some form of nourishment I would die.

  Knowing that it is impossible to exist without being detrimental to another life form I decided to look at it from a different perspective. I put myself self at the bottom of the food chain and considered what would be the best quality of life for me knowing that at some point my life would be taken. The two main points that came to the fore where: It is better not to know when your time is up and that when your time is up that it be swift and painless. To apply these two points would be what would define me as a human. I had witnessed the cruelty of nature. Between animals toying with their prey and parasites slowly devouring trees and plants. I decided that the difference between nature’s way and mine would be that no suffering would be caused voluntarily by my will to survive.

  During the early nineties I was living in an agricultural area in the south of France. Here I was introduced to rural and industrial farming. I saw how crop growers decimated life in rivers with their use of chemical fertilizers and insecticides. In fact, the only time I was seriously ill due to food was when I ate slices of cucumber from one of the local farms. I quickly grew to dislike mass production of any form of food. Having seen battery chickens get a free range label because they had a slightly bigger cage compared to those running about people’s gardens in the sunshine. Made a strong impact on my psyche. You can’t trust labels unless you know the laws and have seen the origins of whatever produce you are being inadvertently forced to buy. Mass industry and mass market commerce put small farmers and local businesses out of work and now we have next to no choice in what food we buy. If one stem of barley was a human being would you consider it to be ok for someone to modify their gene pool, inject them with chemicals to force them to be more productive and then slaughter them en masse?

  I know why my food has no taste but finding unadulterated food and water becomes more of a challenge each and every year. Everything comes from the rich man’s torture chambers. A man who knows that we all have to eat. It’s a business that will never go out of business. A safe bet for those with no scruples and the biggest con of them all is labelled Bio. As a friend of mine said. When we were kids nothing was labelled Bio because everything was natural.


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