A Bite At The Apple

I had a look at setting up an iPhone App today and when I saw the yearly price tag it felt like someone was trying to slip down my tighty whiteys. One of the quotes was just short of 300USD (Albeit not directly through Mac). As I don’t own an iPhone I’d need to splash out on one of them as well to see what it looks like. It got me thinking about a company with dubious work ethics (Remember workers getting poisoned and staff suicides?) that specializes in over priced toys. I sincerely hope that iTunes doesn’t become the mainstay for music as independent musicians are going to get severely shafted.  I can picture it now. You pay once a year for your App to help advertise and then iTunes takes a nice slice off your income each time a fan downloads. Once a near monopole is in place it’s prices take a hike and you have the new Big Suit music industry.


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