Welcome To The Sin Bowl

Sin Bowl Sonata Cover JPEG

A mix of ambient electro, industrial and rock cast together with punk loving grind. This is the score from the film in my head. An opus written as a visual journey influenced by the sirens, the rumbles and the general noise generated by Hong Kong.

It’s the soundscape for a selection of characters with an edge of mystery. An introduction in to a brooding, dark atmosphere that contains sparks of hope amid a threatening environment. Each track is attributed an abstraction. A written thought, a fragment of story or a lyric to help portray a mental image of the whole.

There is also a multi cultural aspect to the Sin Bowl:

The social extremes of Hong Kong such as financial divide, Christian Schooling and legal prostitution. The desire of modern things, while upholding Chinese tradition and the construction of concrete towers amid dense vegetation. All make for a very stark contrast. It is both inspiring and confusing. Everything seems in conflict yet it feels like one of the safest places on Earth.

HK is a superstitious financial hub built on almost symbiotic opposites. It was the ideal backdrop for the sound and part of a story I have been developing over the years. A post industrial city gambling on the future and questioning its identity.  True retro cyberpunk.

For other aspects of culture I turned to Japan, France and Scotland. The first aspect I took from Japan relates to Hong Kong and China and the ongoing feud concerning war crimes during the second world war. There is plenty of information about this subject around so I won’t be delving in to the topic here.

The other aspect was the samurai code which I used in part to create the mind set of the fictional character Dax Kando. I combined the samurai code with the French foreign legion code of honour to create the basic psychology of an ex military man turned mercenary. One of his stories shall be included in the album download.

Apart from the foreign legion I felt I had to include another aspect of French culture. France has been developing and pushing nuclear power around the planet for decades. A year or two back it’s plant design was judged unsafe by the powers that be. The same designs are now being used to build these abominations in India, the UK and of course France. It is all down to making money and being short sighted which, having lived in France for over 10 years is very much a French trait. This topic is my dose of very real in a world of fiction and without a doubt the most threatening aspect of the Sin Bowl.

Finally, Scotland. It’s where I was born and where I spent a lot of time in pubs. I used to love knocking back a few pints and listening to the folk singers before staggering home at closing time. It’s not the healthiest of lifestyles but it has a charm and a mystery that warms my heart when I think back.

As Sin Bowl was written as a film score and the character Dax picks up a lot of his contracts in pubs. I decided to pay homage to my roots with a tweaked Burns poem and a bit of influence from the Corries. Maybe something that would be sung one night in a Glasgow pub while two men in a dark corner talk with cloak and dagger.

To conclude I will say this: Once you start to travel you realize that the world isn’t as big as you thought it was. Below I have embedded a music player that should stream Sin Bowl Sonata for you. I hope you enjoy the trip.

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