The Job Situation

For Dax Kando loneliness was a feeling rather than a physical situation. People were always in his surroundings but his life of secrecy prevented him from any form of openness. Every word that passed his lips had to be thought out and mentally cross referenced before being voiced. It was his predicament for making money from Death and being under the cloak of the rich and powerful. When you are doing all the dirty work for puppet masters there is no margin of error allowed. The killing business, like all business, is hard on those who execute the job at hand. While remaining somewhat lenient on those who drip feed down the orders. It is just the way things are. It is always easier to silence the little man and let him take the fall. However if you have hard cash and friends in high places then you can play it safe. Every life has it’s price and there aren’t many souls that can’t be bought and sold. Taking a life isn’t easy if you are afraid of being caught or if you actually care about your fellow human being. Remove those two factors and it’s as easy as slicing up a cake at a child’s birthday party. Easier still if you get someone to slice that cake for you.
Now we all know about mass murderers or serial killers. Some of us even voted them in to power. The system of hand me down orders and media manipulation adds sweetener to this reality. Get the general public to focus on the actor rather than the action. Have the actor’s script scrutinised to avoid any faux pas and the whole show ticks like clockwork.  Meanwhile a small section of society that has less notoriety and more strings to pull sits out of sight and makes it all happen. These are the people who hide behind logos and corporations. Hang out at embassies and buy politicians the odd drink. These are the untouchables. People without limits or a strand of moral fibre and these were the kind of people that Dax Kando worked for.


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