The Anti Slam

“Periods of enlightenment have surfaced through the few who have risked all to give us balance and vision. Yet the social hammers based on archaic scriptures continue with their Will to beat us back in to judgmental intolerance.”

M. Zonardeur, Pre Degeneris


You! The man who worships the moon! I hear you talk of peace while treating women like animals and see you set out to murder all those who question your doctrine. I have witnessed your ways first hand. The segregation you impose and the rules you enforce. There is no peace to be found in your manner.

A good man loves a liberated woman. A woman who dresses as she wishes and speaks her mind. A woman who is her own entity and who stands by your side because she so Wills it. Not because she fears the consequences of not doing so.

You! Are a maker of slaves and your way of acting without question has in turn made you a slave.

Perhaps one day we shall be able to talk you and I but for that to come to pass you shall have to cease the mutilation of children and the sequestration of the fairer sex.


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