Netting a Moron

The Internet. Where people write their life stories without actually having a life of their own. A universe of borrowed thoughts and tedious updates. Where people debate privacy while putting their every secret in the line of sight of one and all.

The paradox of talking to everyone and knowing no one is perfectly displayed through social networks. It is also reflected through comments attached to articles, videos or an individual’s status. Comments which, more often than not, display the general ignorance of many Internet users.

When a system comes in to existence with the purpose of sharing knowledge, then we should ask ourselves what knowledge could be of service to others. When we put information on to the Net, it is our letter to the world. Not a shopping list, this morning’s menu or what shade your shite was last time you sat on the throne.

The Internet. Where people give answers before reading the question. Where every topic is an excuse to self promote, con, insult and shout about anything other than the topic. Or, suck up, over glorify and generally do anything to attract the attention of the person you are stalking.

Sharing knowledge? No! We can observe a hive of neurosis where egos swarm the queen bee of short attention spans. It is all about being seen rather than having a point. Thus our platform for sharing information has become the trash can for disposable culture.

The Internet looks like what would happen if you gave a book to a chimp. He’d open it up, flick through the pages without understanding a thing, then throw it at another chimp. After all, his main points of interest are bananas and inflated pink bottoms. Why would he want a greater understanding of the Universe.


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