The Dust That Sticks

Forgiveness will leave you empty. They will do it again.

The first kill is easy. When it sinks in it’s difficult.

Surviving doesn’t make you the lucky one.

Time is a work of fiction to help us stay sane.

You can piss in the wind without getting wet if you have a sense of direction.

Love is weak and fragile. Only the strong can keep it safe.

Your child is the only meaning to life you should ever need.

Heartbreak is justified self pity.

The world existed before us and will keep spinning well after we are gone.

At this point in time, caring is the only thing that separates us from the machine.

When you feel neither love nor hate, it is your body that keeps you alive. The rest is dead.

Making an enemy of Death is the epitome of stupidity.

Stupidity and spirituality often hold hands.

The fool walks in to the fire through ignorance, the hero does so with purpose.

Your last breath is the end of the world as we know it.


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