Eastern Promise (Section 2)

You have a problem with our fair sex
You should try to simply love and protect
Instead of building prisons, you call home
Where you give women stick
and conclude with a fist full of stone

They are your sisters and mothers to be
If you want love, they have to be free
Living a life with equal rights
And if you want it any other way
then step up to me and

Fight! Fight! Fight!
You say you have god’s given right
To hold her down
To make your voice the only sound
Get out my way
I’m going to have my f..king say
You take a piece of her
You’re going to get a piece of me

A fight for rights
Must go beyond religious plights
That hold some down
While others wear their shitty crowns
And get their way
No matter what they do or say
A gender set dictatorship
Can only pave the road to war


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