The Run Away

I’m tired

I see the end of the road

I’m running out of whisky

But my mind still has a hell of a load

I could take a walk

Breath these dark airs

But you wouldn’t breathe through me

So why should I care

Guess I’ll take my time again

To find myself

To lose a friend

But we’ve been down this road before

We both know the end

Maybe you’ll forgive me

Maybe I’ll forgive myself

Maybe we have a chance

To pack up and run away

Maybe there’s a maybe

Maybe I don’t care

Maybe it’s the air

That makes us say fuck it

And replace happiness with despair

Maybe we’re happy with what we have

Maybe we need an even score

Maybe I’m a coward

Who will always leave you sore

No matter what I’m running no more

My dreams, my passion




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