Autumn’s Yield

I got an email from an old friend a few days back. We were in our very first band together about twenty years ago. A few words exchanged and a flood of memories returned. It all made me think about what we felt was important back then and what has changed since. The strange thing for me was that not much has changed on a personality level. Older, more experience and less hot headed will but basically the same guy. Two decades later and I’m still as happy with a bottle of whisky, a pack of smokes and good company to chat with. The rest of life being: Do what has to be done.

There is one thing that nibbles away at me that didn’t back then and that’s children. Now I’m at a point where having a little piece of me born in to this world is an every day thought. I see old friends settled down in relationships with the next generation sprouting and I think to myself: Shit man! That’s all I wanted to do but life, life sees things differently. You get married, you settle down and the all important fruit is missing. Sometimes I feel robbed. Sometimes I tell myself it just wasn’t meant to be and wait and see what tomorrow brings. Unfortunately, tomorrow is yesterday’s broken dream.


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