Conspire To Conceive

They met in secret to go over a private plan. Their bloodline had become genetically defected by their inbreeding and they had to find a means to rectify the situation. The three families were not permitted to wed outside their immediate social circle. It was the best way to maintain wealth and power in the one place but the amount of malformed offspring they were producing was becoming a threat to their security. Their privately owned abortion clinic was becoming strained by the amount of mutations it had to dispose of. Its plastic surgery facade was attracting more and more curious customers from lower ranks and the three families were feeling that this was a grave danger to their empire.

What they needed was new blood with no name or origin.

A member of the families had announced that he was close to a breakthrough in his genetic research. He needed a few more months then he would need to pass to the experimental stage but in theory he had discovered a way to create a different kind of human.


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