I have lost so many friends that were so dear to me that I’m not sure how to explain so I won’t. There are a few left that I cherish so much and the very thought of them being no more tears me apart but there is one in particular that I am worried about at this moment in time. Last I heard he was posted out in Afghanistan and I know him well. I’m not so much worried about what has happened to him but by what he may have been through and how that is going to affect him. We were kids together and grew up as best we could and frankly the last time I saw him he was looking good and had life going nicely. Things changed since and I hope he has managed to handle it all.

Meanwhile, let me raise a drink to you soldier. People need you and people care. So get in touch before I track you down and beat the shit out of you for not letting us know how you are and how you are feeling.


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