Rapid Eye Movement

The dreamer wrapped herself in a duvet to leave the real behind. There was nothing out there that appealed to her. A dreary world painted grey and littered with adverts. She closed her eyes and painted a world with a thousand hues of fantasy. Where the creatures of nightmares became docile and obedient. Where feelings were an entity that moulded architecture and machine.  Trees grew in to homes baring fruits of eternal life and all was vibrant with laughter and gentle music.

She could live there for a few hours before the screaming alarm of reality shook her back in to the mundane life of the factory. She had been working there from the age of 16. Making the same movements everyday for eight to twelve hours before having a bowl of noodles and a cup of tap water. Day in, day out, she would go over her most recent dream while pushing the same button and pulling the same lever. She watched box after box of rich men’s’ fantasies pass her by while knowing that her only possible escape from the factory walls was wrapped up in her duvet.


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