The Three Acts

After centuries of mindless slaughter coming to an almighty wipe out of life within certain areas of the planet. National borders were redefined for the mutilated population who had survived. New rules were set in place. They were simple and everyone was required to know them. Conflicts had brought humanity  to its knees and those who had created those conflicts had run away to hide in pre constructed safe havens. The first rule of the new world was the Responsibility act. It followed the old adage of what you sow you shall reap. The primary application of this rule had been to find all of the safe havens of past leaders and insure that they could not leave them alive. Automated machine guns and trip wires linked to high explosives were installed at every exit point to insure summary execution of all those who tried to escape. Weaponry and ammunition were maintained daily by the Survivor State Guard who made up the entirety of the Survivor population. Military service was obligatory for every man, woman and child capable of baring arms and township security was maintained by the Guard on a rotation basis.

The principle of this society was: maintain balance through knowledge and action. Each member received the same education in their early years until they displayed a talent that would be of benefit to the group. This was based upon the second rule: You are part of the whole. Officially known as the Unity act.

To avoid the spreading of conflict a third rule was implemented which followed the terms of: if you start a fight, you finish it alone. This rule was entitled: the Beleaguered act and those who did not respect this were sentenced under the Responsibility act.


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