Business As Usual

Frivolity fills the cardboard cut out that you are. A facade so clean and shiny that when I look at you. All I can see is myself and with reflection I realise that you are nothing more than your environment.

To try and find your soul is a great leap in to the void. You are a small collection of other people’s thoughts styled by commerce. A fashionable front for a decaying life.

I almost feel pity for you as you brand your every day with a casual smile borrowed from a magazine. Displaying as much personality as a shop window mannequin and looking just as plastic.

Priority is in the purchase. You are what you have and I know the price tag on your existence. Behind the signs in gleaming lights it slaves away for a handful of coins. You pay a high price for their cheap lives and you carry that with pride. Feeling overwhelmed with joy to be a walking, talking advert for someone else’s con.


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