I’ve been wanting to get away from the Net and tech for years now and get back to more traditional ways of creating. Unfortunately I don’t see that happening anytime soon as the methods I have in mind require a far larger budget than I have. Added to that I neither have the space nor peace and quiet required to dive in both physically and mentally to the more hands on approach to the art that I enjoy.

So I shall have to make do with digital for the time being and keep working away until I have enough funds to disappear in to the wilderness, get back in touch with my animal side and let nature inspire my thoughts. Meanwhile it’s all screens and binary code which, as much as I hate to admit it, fit better with a lot of the story telling I’ve been working on since two thousand and whatever.

There has been progress to the beginning of this year though a lot of that was a ball I wanted to get rolling last year. I now nearly have all the tools I need to start shooting video and I picked up a printer to get images and hard copies of text printed out. Symbolism, words, imagery and sound should all be coming to life as I weave this multi media project together.

The basic framework for this project remains unchanged. Four independent stories in different styles told through different mediums coming together to form a whole. I have reworked texts and will go over the audio once again when I start accumulating enough video footage. That said there is one big change and that is the place where a lot of the stories are being told. As I’m in Hong Kong it makes sense to lean on its environment and practically speaking it’s the only place I can film for just now. Besides, the urban jungle is a more relevant (or cliché) environment for cyberpunk content.

I’ve left a window open for variations throughout and variation is very much a theme in itself throughout the piece. Online postings will remain abstract and are intended to be complimentary pieces to the hard copies that will be released once the project is terminated.

Anyway, Old Nick is cracking his whip again so I’d better get back to it.


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