Maybe I Am (First Draft)

Within this web of lies

You died a thousand times

Twisted memories

Exalt as you try to breathe

Feeling the pressure

The birth of fear

Those bad decisions

Taste like salt in tears x3

And they take their toll

After so many years

…and we remain unforgiving. Trying to find a reason for each living day. Trying to repair what was always broken. Trying to pretend that we have something honest to say.

We lose ourselves in charades, repeat the same mistakes

And when the feelings are over

We throw each other away

Blank faced and ignorant

There is nothing left to say

Putting our dreams on a timer

While whispering forever

As ultimatums rise

To the point where we will never

Find peace or happiness

Take time in simple joys

Too busy counting lucky stars

To see our lives destroyed


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