Don’t expect me to care
When no one is mentally there
While your trend set messiahs
Push to the point of despair
With their: got to have this
And generally taking the piss
Because they all know that puppets
Will be led by the wrist

Could be a fad or a faith
But it’s a total disgrace
That everywhere I turn
I have your shit in my face
As you all want your way
And you all want your say
Blankly smiling at your God
Because you’re openly gay

So emotionally charged
Ignoring all those who starve
For the sake of your wants
That must go to the bar
To make rules for your own
In a self righteous drone
That displace all priorities
That must be written in stone

Laws and kingdoms come
Until they’re undone
By the next bag of maggots
Who want to be number one
And new vows are made
New bows are displayed
And all say they’re happy
Until the next day


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