State of the Union

Now that 2 million Scots have set the country on a course of higher taxes, lower income and more cuts on social services. I no longer feel the inclination to return to my birthplace. What has effectively happened is that a nation has swapped a chance to govern itself with the revenue of its own natural resources for a chance to govern itself a bit less while sending most of that revenue to another government.
The future of the UK has been looking bleak for many years now. It is one of the most expensive places to live, provides mediocre services, has a bad diet, high crime rates, a declining education system, an increasing number of people living in poverty but it has managed to produce a few more billionaires since the so called recession and England has a nice new racist party that has been getting popular. All of this and more is topped off with shit weather so I am at a loss why two million Scots would want to remain a part of it. Leaving three point three million to live with the consequences whether they like it or not.


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