The Social Network

Hitting Bull

I started using the Net on a regular basis around the year of 5. Since then I have witnessed many changes for better and for worse but for just now I would like to focus on social networks and their roles on changing the functionality of the Internet.
My first experience was through Myspace and as chaotic and dysfunctional as it was it was a good one. What made it good was the interaction I had with strangers (some of whom went on to become very dear friends) as we exchanged stories, humour and helped each other out trying to get our pages to work. I recall the first question I had when I set up a profile for the first time was: “Who the hell is Tom and why is he my only friend?” Well the answer was that he was a student who had set up the network to make money and wasn’t really my friend but more of a guy hanging around to see if I had any spare change. As I didn’t have any spare change he stuck an advert on my forehead and sold me to the highest bidder. The result was that he became a millionaire and I still didn’t have any spare change. Still, I wasn’t complaining as I had a platform through which I could meet and correspond with like minds without it costing me a penny.
During the years I spent using Myspace I grew a personal network that reached around 70 000 people through which I could follow the work of artists I enjoyed and share my own but greener grass was on the horizon and it was called Facebook.
Being a little bit of a tech head by this point I set up a Facebook account as soon as I could and took a look at the features. I quickly concluded that it was like Myspace with no options and painted blue. It was a downgrade but people were flocking to it and promoting their new blue pages through Myspace which at that point in time was the best way to send a message out to the masses.
The result was that Myspace died, Facebook grew and users went from having an advert on their foreheads to looking like Nascar was running their lives. Tom made his millions then retired but Zuckerberg was going to get medieval on user asses and sell them to anyone and everyone before coding in a system where users would have to pay to get all of their information out to friends and followers. In short the Facebook user became a gimp that Mark Zed now keeps in his basement while making deals with corporations and nations. He has enough whips, handcuffs and Vaseline that even Google can’t cop a feel at a social network users ass and yet they tried so hard.
So is that it? Is it Facebook or die or is there another option? Well there is hope to be found in a year old social network called Tsu where the user receives 90 percent of the ad revenue they create. Where you get to see all of the content posted up by the people you choose to follow and it has a stream where the newest posts sit at the top of your stream. It is simple and functional and as long as they keep it that way I’ll be sticking around and putting in a good word for them.
If you are on it already (I just joined) then let’s hook up and if this is news to you then go here  and set up an account.


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