France was attacked by 8 young Frenchmen just like Norway was attacked by a young Norwegian in 2011. Both of these attacks came from beliefs founded on organised religion but in reality these sexually repressed idiots are but political pawns for the world’s real terrorists.

As I see French flags pop up all over the internet along with the complete misuse of an anti nuclear symbol I know deep down that the masses are thriving on the bloodshed because it makes them feel like they belong to something. Religious symbols are replaced with logos, holy scripture is replaced by national law, hymns give way to national anthems and here we are: One big happy family united against the enemy while the real terrorists pop up in the media to assure us plenty more blood shed in the name of patriotism.

For the next couple of weeks we will see the masses parade about like the chosen people preaching love in the name of the flavour of the day. Celebrities will make key gestures to up their ratings and the masses will applaud while blissfully ignoring that the enemy is in each and every one of them.


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