Sinstall Inns

Ad 2 Study BW

The idea came to me around 5am while sitting in a well known 24 hour burger joint. I had a notebook, pen and a box and cup of something pretending to be food and coffee. I observed the staff and the hierarchy. The identical uniforms matched the standardised process of burger building while the french fries were set on timers. All of this done by the rules and set to the rhythm of internal network TV. A crown for Capitalism some would say but in reality it was a scene of pure Stalinism.

From this point I decided to create a fictional fast food chain/budget hotel that mixes old Communist imagery with modern advertisement techniques. In short: Tits, ass and big hats with stars of various shapes and sizes all financed by the venture capitalist Uncle Joe.

This concept is taking form as a short advertising campaign to be incorporated in to the Stage 10 video for 22 Secrets.


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