The Inde. Artist and Tech. Part 1: The Word

It has been over ten years now since I first started tinkering with computers and the internet as a means of creation, research and communication. Over this time I have gone from complete novice to greying digital warlock with a penchant for mods, Chinese snake juice and cyber tits and ass in the strangest of poses (Hey each to their own).  Actually, to tell the truth I’m on the Lu Jin wine now as snake juice has become hard to come by but anyway, I diverge. This series of diary posts is going to be about lessons learned as a independent tech artist online and off. I’m going to share some tips and tricks that I have learned from trial and error and give some pointers to what to use and what not to use if you want to start using computers as your tool for creation and beyond.

First off: writing is the cheapest form of creation. Whether you borrow a pen and a napkin  or set up a free blog such as the one I am using now, all you will really need is your imagination and observations to get going. If you want a hassle free system then buy a laptop with a good word processor and a flash drive for back up. I use Open Office for all word docs as it is versatile and free but you need to have a knowledge of file formats if you plan on sending drafts out to third parties so you may be better sticking with Windows if you are not tech savvy at all.

For blogs I recommend this one: WordPress. It’s basic plan is free, it is easy to interconnect with social networks and other sites and the image presentation is good (I’ll get to images later). If all you want to do is write then you can stop there. All you need to do is post on a regular basis, maintain your themes and reply to those who make contact with you. If things work out well then you can turn your Blog in to your main website for a fee which will give you more options and give your website a cleaner and more professional look.

The second step is to nearly forget social networks. They will waste your time and all your efforts will simply be making money for some silicon creep who enjoys looking at themselves in the mirror while they masturbate.  However you do need to have some presence there as they make up a large part of internet traffic so set up a page with your details and log on if someone makes contact with you (Interaction is key). The big player just now is Facebook so have a page there but remember that only about ten percent of what you post will get through to the people who are interested in what you post.

Now, if you really mean business set up your own website. If I do not know you at all and you don’t have one I will not take you seriously. The internet is full of budding artists and even more wannabe celebrities using social networks to try and be the next big thing. Join that crowd and you will be drowned out by the crowd. You need to pinpoint what you want to do and define the audience you are going for. Your website should do just that. There are plenty of website hosts out there that will cost you around 20USD a year so search the web for the plan that suits you best and use it to show what you are all about. (For security reasons I am not going to share the one I use as I have been fighting off hackers for quite some time).

That is all you need to be an online writer so get to it.


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