The Inde. Artist and Tech. Part 2: The Image

Pucker up and look intense as we are about to venture in to the world of visual art and what makes it tick.

The image has the highest impact on the great unwashed and their short attention spans which you would think would make it the best way to turn a coin if you are any good. Well, if you join commercial ventures it is possible but you will have to forsake artistic integrity. If you plan on being the next Picasso then practice your oral sex techniques because you’re going need them more than you’ll need talent. In short, outside the world of theater, the image is the trickiest bitch on the art scene. She will seduce you with white wine and compliments then run after a more seductive trend quicker than you can say: but you said…but it is not entirely their fault as the market is saturated with visual artists and the market for visual art is very small (outside commercial ventures). Just think about it: When was the last time you bought a framed picture as opposed to a book or an album by your favourite band?

I’ve always looked at the image as a way to convey a larger artistic entity rather than an end to itself but if you want to dedicate yourself to this side of art then find people to work with. Become a partner in crime with a writer, give musicians a visual esthetic or create props for filmmakers. Avoid the gallery system unless they come to you with a big cheque that clears before you put your work up and avoid commercial ventures unless they come to you with a big cheque before you put your work in.

If I haven’t scared you off yet then lets get down to techniques. Now I do not care what style of visual art you are doing or plan on doing until you know how to master a pencil. Sketching, drawing and reproduction are the basic training tools for every visual artist. They are to the image what the alphabet is to writing. I started out with a pencil as a kid and go back to it on a regular basis as it is the quickest way to get ideas down. Once you have your ideas down you can choose what medium will best convey them and take your time over variations and methods.

As a child I spent hours with acrylic paint and miniatures without wearing thick rimmed specs or talking with a speech impediment. I had my 000 horse hair brushes and an eye for detail until around 2008 when I moved in to digital and found a whole new learning curve to overcome. Now I work with pencils, a scanner, two digital cameras and an editing program called Paintdotnet. I create for my own projects and plan on keeping it that way as I really make no compromise when it comes to image.


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  1. As a footnote I did not mention any specialized websites to host on as I have not found any that I would really recommend and did not want to write a page about why I wouldn’t recommend such and such.

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