B Is For Buddha

Test 1Mrs Chan practiced Buddhism in the way most religious people go about practicing their religion: token gestures two or three times a year to help them feel part of something they ignore the principles of throughout their short brutish lives.

As the hungry ghost festival was coming up it was time for one of those token gestures so Mrs Chan went down to the Buddha for a buck store to get some paper money and incense to burn. She then went to Mr Charlie Leung’s food stall to purchase an offering for the gods, ghosts and local cockroaches. She had known Charlie since Christian high school where she used to give him a blowjob for a dollar before going to the main hall for the obligatory morning psalm service. They stayed friends in an economic sense although she was now paying him for something to put in her mouth.

With her purchases in hand she returned home where the maid received her with a bowed head and a nervous greeting. With a broken wrist flap of the hand Mrs Chan ordered the maid to return to her cupboard until further notice then started to prepare the ritual that would have its altar on the street outside.

The money was burned, the incense lit and the food offering was placed on the ground. Mrs Chan returned to her lair, the cockroaches came out for dinner, the rats came out to eat the cockroaches, feral cats came out to eat the rats and Charlie Leung came out with a big stick to get some free meat for his local food stall and thus the cycle of inner city life was complete.


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