The White Devil’s Dozen (First draft)

1 –

Am I master or am I slave? Could I be the crown of an Empire or will I be reduced to a simple girl of joy controlled by the shadows? Can I carve my own destiny or am I bound by fate?
I have dreams and so many questions yet all I want are answers.

Who is Dax Kando?

2 –

My first question relates to this entity who first appeared in my mind during my most young and tender years. He came from the shadows with a charming smile and a warm embrace. Like a father he held me until I felt something penetrate the very essence of my being.

Who is Dax Kando?

3 –

My first question is looking for reason. Why did he lodge himself in the back of my mind? Why is he with me everywhere I go and why does it feel like he knows my every thought. It feels like he has complete control of me.

Who is Dax Kando?

4 –

My first question wonders what he thinks of me. Do my thoughts disgust him? Is he pleased with who I am? Did he come to me to make me a better person or is he trapped inside my twisted mind?

Who is Dax Kando?

5 –

My first question forces me to look at every aspect of my being. The errors of my ways taunt me because he knows me. Maybe he is me? Maybe he is a part of me that makes me face what I would rather ignore. Maybe I’m just crazy.

Who is Dax Kando?

6 –

My first question makes me ready for change. I have accepted his existence inside of me. I am ready for his guidance. I am at one with him and ready for him to be the answer to my questions.

Who is Dax Kando?

7 –

My first question has hope and desire. I give my will away and hope he will guide me for I desire to be a better person.

Who is Dax Kando?

8 –

My first question reminds me of all those whom I have harmed. Was he one of them back for revenge or was he the one who made me as I am?

Who is Dax Kando?

9 –

My first question nearly puts me on one knee asking for forgiveness but I refrain because I feel the urge to right all the wrongs that I may of caused. I hope that their effects have not put me beyond redemption.

Who is Dax Kando?


My first question makes me question my very being. Is this being inside me a part of me or is he an extension of self? Is this entity a force that needs to change? Or is he the bringer of change?

Who is Dax Kando?

11 –

My first question shatters the foundations of my ego. Am I who I always thought I was? Can I overcome my misgivings? Can I face all of my past actions?

Am I Dax Kando?

12 –

My first question is also my last question. I must stop doubting and be. I must be the one who leads. I must be the one with the answer and help others who have fallen along the path of life. I must be the one who can answer the question:

Who is Dax Kando?


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