I’ve not done a diary entry in a long time so here goes. I’ve been juggling several projects over the past few months and added to them over time. I’ve stockpiled video footage, photos, collected a bunch of reference images and expanded my notes on the semi fictional city of 6.1.3.Kong.

Yesterday and today are all about sound design for video and this evening I shall be trying different voices to narrate Tik Tak Toe. The image side of the video was finished during the week and is a combination of 375 still images and some footage taken in the studio. As soon as the sound is done it will go online and I can get on with editing a series of photos for S!X (more about that another time as it is still being defined).

I shall be drawing around 25 sketches of faces to use as cover art for a dark ambient album I’m putting together which will double up as a sound track for the White Devil’s Dozen videos. I’m still looking for a model to finish that project as well as needing to write up a script for the Devil himself. So the date of release for that one remains unknown.

Finally: I am still working on The Mysteries, both the poems and the graphic art. It has mutated quite a bit over time from stories and portraits to poems and masks. The latter being what stuck. It’s a follow up to and development of 22 secrets singling out two characters and focusing on the cycle of life. Another CC project although I will make digital downloads available for purchase for those who want prints.

That about sums things up for just now. Stay tuned for work in progress, dirty jokes and pictures of your mom cooking me dinner.


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