Into The Flesh – Day 01

“Cast your mind back to times more innocent and allow retrospect to tell the tale.

Start with the location, set the scene, paint a mental picture for those trying to understand the thought process.’

‘Was it night?’

‘Yes, yes it was.’

‘A city, a town, a village, the wilderness?’

‘A village. A village large enough to support several stores.’

‘Where about in this village does the action take place?’

‘A park. A park with a small campsite and a lake.’

‘Now, let us look in to the acts. Why were you at this park? What happened when you were there? What was the outcome?’

‘I was camping with friends’

‘For the sake of it?’

‘No, there was going to be a music concert.’

‘What kind of music?’

‘It was a cover band, they did rock tunes mainly.’

‘You like rock music?’

‘Yeah, that’s my scene, still is.’

‘Did anything happen other than listening to music at this concert?’

‘Yeah, there was nearly a fight that one of the guys I was with got me involved in and I met a girl.’

‘How did this fight start?’

‘There was some pushing and shoving going on during one of the more lively songs, it’s part of the fun during rock concerts but one of the locals got upset with me banging in to him repetitively and a fight nearly broke out.’

‘What role did the guy you were with have in this?’

‘Well. he was the one who kept pushing me in to the same guy.’

‘On purpose?’

‘Yeah, he admitted as much later.’

‘Did you consider this guy to be a friend at the time?’

‘I suppose I did, he was one of the crew.’

‘What was the crew made up of exactly?

‘Oh, just a bunch of lads who somehow fell in together. I suppose broken homes and poverty became our bond.’

‘You were poor?’


‘How did that effect you?’

‘It was frustrating but I usually found a way to get some cash one way or another.?


‘Not always.’

‘Care to elaborate?’


‘Okay, you mentioned a girl from that night. What was her name? How did the encounter come about?’

‘Her name was Tsira if I remember correctly. I met her just after the altercation.’

‘How exactly?’

‘The guy who was pushing me in to the other guy knew her and she knew the guy he was pushing me in to.’

‘So the near fight and you meeting this girl were connected?’

‘Yeah. It’s a bit hazy now but the two were connected in some way. I can’t really remember how. I just recall sitting on a bench with her talking with the crowd in front of us and the band in front of the crowd. That was her idea of somewhere a bit more quiet.’

‘Did anything become of this relationship?’

‘we were boyfriend, girlfriend for a bit, met a few times, had sex once and that was about it.’

‘You had sex the once and then split up?’

‘No, not immediately, it seemed to drag on for a bit after with no real connection. By the time she said that she wanted to move on, I already had.’

‘You found someone else?’

‘No, I just didn’t feel involved and didn’t want to be. I had been paying lip service to her whims from the start although I didn’t realise it at the time.’

‘You felt that she was trying to control you?’

‘No, it is more the pattern. She wanted to date me, then she wanted to have sex then she wanted to move on. She was the first in several in that respect. It’s the pattern that bugs me not the person. I couldn’t even put a face to her now.’

‘Well I think we are getting somewhere. Let us talk some more tomorrow.”

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