Into The Flesh – Day 05

“What is life if not a journey from birth to death? What lessons do we learn along the road? Is there a point in working towards a better future when we know how our journey ends regardless of what we do or say?’

‘Have you ever felt reborn?’


‘Have you never had great moments of change in your life or events that made you feel like a different person from that day on?’

‘I’ve lived through a lot of changes in different times, different places but I’ve always been a constant throughout. When I feel differently about something it is because that something has changed not me. That said, I have evolved over the years through self analysis and observations, weeding out my weaknesses and being honest with myself and others.’

‘So, you are your own rock?’

‘I can be but I’ve had my fair share of doubts. Moments when I thought about changing everything. Then someone walks out of wilderness and keeps me on track. My perfect strangers I like to call them. Guides in those moments of need.’

‘Could you give me an example?’

‘I could.’

‘But you’re not going to.’

‘Nope. They are my best kept secrets.’

‘Why the secrecy?’

‘They were present when I was weak. I want to keep them safe from those who made me weak in the first place.’

‘Could you tell me about those who made you weak then?’

‘I’ll answer that one indirectly with a little anecdote:

I’m on a train in the south of France heading further south and for the sake of passing the time I start talking to this lass seated in front of me. She was a bleached blonde called Silva, who, after a few minutes of small talk started talking about Catholicism and marriage. She had been brought up a Catholic and shunned it and its dictate on how to live your life. As a female she had more ambition than desperately wanting to look like a meringue getting shuffled up the aisle so that she could spawn a squad of brats and repeat the cycle of life.

I liked her attitude and we had a good laugh on our journey together. So when we arrived at destination and she asked me if I would like to have dinner with her and her flatmates at her place I accepted.

She lived in an old stone apartment block in an industrial city and shared the place with a big gay bloke and another lass who gave me a quizzical look when we entered. We all ate together, had a few drinks and I ended up crashing there only to wake up in the middle of the night with my cock in her hands. Now, call me odd but I like to be awake before any sexual activity that I’m involved in starts. It reminded me that most strangers are not perfect strangers and come sunrise I left in silence.’

‘Oh, okay, I think I understand what you mean by weakness but did this actually happen?’

‘I just gave you the broad strokes to help you understand. Like I said: it’s an anecdote but maybe you see it as a parable.”

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