Into The Flesh – Day 06

“The artist is forever dedicated to their muse. Those ethereal beings from ancient times omnipresent in the physical and the abstract yet only perceived by the few. The few who can bridge the gaps between the limitations of the senses and the cold hard reality of existence.’

‘Would you consider yourself to be an artist?’

‘That’s what people call me although they usually add the word real before the title.’

‘Do you agree with this distinction?’

‘Let me put it this way: I really don’t give a shit about labels or whatever little box people feel comfortable with putting you in but I do care about the meaning of words. You’re either an artist or you aren’t and all artists are real. The distinction is made because most of what is called art is either branding, advertising or mental masturbation. I really don’t have the time for any of it because at the end of the day I’m just a guy looking for answers and when I find some I do my best to share them in a universal way.’

‘What is this way?’

‘The pursuit of truth and the markers you leave behind so that others can find it.’

‘That reminds me of Hansel and Gretel for some reason.’

‘Ha! Just make sure you know who the witch is.’

‘I’ll take note. Have you met many witches?’

‘Metaphorically speaking, I’ve met a few, both good and bad. The good ones gave me guidance while the bad ones made me need guidance.’

‘So, who are the ones I should look out for?’

‘The ones who give you doubt. The ones who mislead you or others. The ones who make you promise while avoiding such a commitment themselves.’

‘I gather you have learned this from experience?’

‘Oh, I’ve been led down the garden path more than a few times. Although, to be honest, my sense of adventure tends to lead me along just to see what the con is but I have been burnt on occasion.’

‘Care to share?’

‘Mmm, I’m a creative type. Inspiration and motivation are key to my creations. Mother nature gave me my first sparks as I’ve watched her be gentle and peaceful as well as be brutal and unforgiving. She is as real as it gets but human nature is a tricky beast. It will sweet talk you in to places you do not want to be. It will learn what is important to you so that you can be lured in to a cage of its making and then it will kill everything you love while you watch. Imprisoned and helpless.’

‘This tricky beast was a person right?’

‘Oh, she was.’

‘What of the love?’

‘Dead as the flame that turned it to ash.’

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