Into The Flesh – Day 10

“Often alone yet never lonely. Solitude can be a moment to breathe and to let thoughts flow freely. An abode for the creative mind and the injured soul alike.’

‘Do you enjoy working with others?’

‘Yeah, just haven’t done it for years.’

‘Why is that?’

‘A lack of reliability and punctuality on their part.’

‘I can understand that being problematic.’

‘It is and usually ends with unfinished projects.’

‘Yet you still enjoy working with others.’

‘Yeah, it’s nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of.’

‘Do you get better results when working with others?’

‘If there is a good connection yeah. If not I’m better going solo which is why I’ve been going solo for so long.’

‘So you have trouble finding people to connect with?’

‘No, that’s fairly easy. Having these connections be reliable and punctual is a whole other story.’

‘Time is money I suppose.’

‘No, time is life. From the moment we are born we are on the clock so someone who wastes your time is robbing you of a part of life that you can never get back.’

‘Mmm, would you say that you are an impatient person?’

‘I used to have the patience of a saint but not any more. Now I’m only patient with certain people and even there that depends if I feel that patience is required.’

‘Why the change?’

‘Simple: I’ve been fucked around too many times by too many people.’

‘That makes sense. Has this been a general theme in your life?’

‘In the important areas yeah. I’ve bust my ass on projects only to have the carpet whipped from under me and on a more personal level, well…’


‘Empty promises, misleading behaviour, outright lies…I reached the point of not giving a shit or believing the words escaping the lips of a so called loved one.’

‘Is that where your trust issues come from?’

‘Fucking right it is! That’s why I fly solo in more ways than one.’

‘I understand.’

‘Do you?’

‘I really do.’

‘You know what? I believe you do.’

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