A Letter

Dear Stranger,

It was the curse of a not so perfect stranger that put me in this situation. A promise founded on lies, deceit and a manipulation of the truth. I survived because I always do but found nothing but pain and sorrow in this place along with the echo of one word: Sorry.

After destroying all that was important to me she said she was sorry. She cried my tears, became the physical representation of what I felt deep down inside and said sorry. It felt like another dagger to the heart and for the first time in my life I felt pure unadulterated hatred.

Now I sit alone surrounded by imported culture to help maintain a sense of purpose but the truth is that all is lost for me on a personal level. There are no exit signs or brighter days, just my mind, my will and a planet that will keep spinning well after all of this is over. This situation, that she created, was her greatest mistake, for I was a child of the wilderness and like all wild creatures: backing them in to a corner is at your own peril.

Yours sincerely


P.S.: You are the root of my pain.

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