05 – The Seer

Padre Test 2

Read what is written
Not what you think has been said
For the ink is my blood
Running blue
In to red
The author of authority
The law you obey
For I am the predator
And you are my prey

Kneel down before me
And open your soul
I’ll reach deep inside you
And give you a goal
My purpose
Your purpose
I am all you need
But the ink well is dry
So for me you shall bleed

Now read what is written
It is not what you think
For I am the author
And you are the ink
That I spill with abundance
In glory to me
And once you run dry
I’ll declare that you’re free

And worship they will
The one who gave all
In the name of a father
Who let his child fall
In to the pit
Of delusion and hate
In order to live
On the back of your fate

Crow Cell 440 PNG

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